Dreamcoder 梦想程式

Episodic Information

Zheng Hong Yi (Desmond Tan) and Yuan Jing Cheng (Teddy Tang) founded BEGAN APPS three years ago. Hong Yi is impressed by He Jian Ming’s (Aloysius Pang) ability to decode his games design and hires him. But the company’s software engineer Fang Ru (Carrie Wong) cannot get along with Jian Ming. When Jian Ming finally gathers his courage to profess his love for Fang Ru, he realizes she is in love with Zhong Zhen Long (Romeo Tan). Zhen Long’s former girlfriend, Rui Qing (Seraph Sun) returns and the pair has to put their feelings aside.

Zhong Ya Yun (Joanne Peh) was a happy housewife who lost everything after her husband elopes with his mistress, taking away all their money. Initially dependent on her brother Zhen Long, she picks herself up and joins BEGAN APPS as a Data Analyst. Just when BEGAN APPS is about to take off with a major project, Jing Cheng turn against the company. Hong Yi is deeply hurt by his best friend’s betrayal and breaks down…

Cast: Desmond Tan, Romeo TanJoanne Peh, Carrie Wong, Aloysius Pang

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017