Eat Already 吃饱没

Eat Already? is set in a coffee shop, and is centered around an elderly widow named Ah Niu Sao (Lin Yin Zhu) , who works as a cleaner as her sons Ah Bee (Elvin Ng) and Ah Qiang (Aden Tan) who still rely on her for their living expenses. Her elder son Ah Bee is a chronic gambler who is unemployed for a long time while her younger son Ah Qiang is an introvert who is wheelchair bound. Throughout the series, she manages to tide over various issues thanks to help from neighbours, friends and several support schemes available. Will the boys finally get their acts together and be a reliable pillar of support for their aging mother?


Cast: Elvin Ng, Li Yin Zhu, Marcus Chin, Aileen Tan, Wang Lei, Aden Tan, He Ying Ying

Episodes: 10 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017