Entangled 日落洞

Yu Jian Cai (Zhang Shui Fa) and Luo Dong Fa (Rayson Tan) were inseparable best friends until Dong Fa upset the balance by lusting after Jian Cai’s beautiful wife, Chen Jia Yi (Lin Pei Qi). Dong Fa subsequently kidnaps and rapes Jia Yi. Kept in the dark, Jian Cai’s inferiority complex is triggered and he believes that his wife has eloped with another man. Guang Wei’s (Thomas Ong) desperately tries to find his mother in vain. Jian Cai doesn’t help by refusing to report the matter to the police out of fear of being seen as a cuckold. Eventually, Jia Yi dies after giving birth to her child. Years later, Dong Fa and his wife, Yue Qin (Aileen Tan), become founders of the highly successful Luo Lin business group with two children, Yu Hang and Yu Jie (Margaret Wang). Guang Wei ends up being best friends with Yu Hang. This causes Dong Fa and Yue Qin to worry that their secret about Jia Yi’s death will be discovered. In the midst of this, Yu Jie falls in love with Guang Wei. Tian Zhu (Zhang Yao Dong), Guang Wei’s half-brother, looks on in jealousy. When Guang Wei finds out that Dong Fa was his mother’s kidnapper, he is determined to bring him to justice. But he is opposed by Tian Zhu.


Cast: Thomas Ong, Jack Tan, Margaret Wang, Kate Pang, Huang Qi Ming, Aileen Tan, Rayson Tan, Zhang Shui Fa, Emily Lim

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013