The series starts with a provocative flashforward to the faculty abuzz with the latest scandal – a video has been released online of a sexual encounter between lecturer and student -- there are just enough clues to hint at their identities. The truth behind this video slowly unravels as the story rewinds to the beginning, the first day of school when Sylvia (Cheryl Tan), a newly minted Assistant Professor, and Philip (Shane Pow), a promising student, begin their first day of school…At first blush, Sylvia has the support and endorsement of her Dean who clearly values her. But the teaching faculty is highly political – the craftiest political player is her nemesis Madelyn Crenshaw (Jaymee Ong) who clearly views Sylvia as a thorn in her side to be removed by all means necessary. But she has woefully underestimated Sylvia, who isn’t about to let Madelyn get away without a fight. In order to survive the system, Sylvia must become part of it. But can she do so without losing her principles?


Cast: Shane Pow, Cheryl Tan, Jaymee Ong

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2017