Fighting Spiders 斗蜘蛛

Set in the 1960s, this is a coming-of-age drama about three teenage boys living during a tumultuous period in colonial Singapore. Soon Lee, Charlie and Peter meet when trying to escape a bully and become fast friends. They form a pact to travel together to Malaysia to bring back the King of Spider. At a time where matches of fighting spiders are wildly popular, they dream of winning the grand prize of $500, and ultimately beating the big bully, Logan, at his game. The boys start to devise various schemes to raise money for their trip, fumbling along the way but thus begin their journey into manhood. Along the way came Li Yen and Sam, threatening to destroy the friendship of the boys as Soon Lee and Peter develop their adolescent liking for the girls… Will the boys succeed in their grand plan and fulfil their dream.


Cast: Edwin Goh, Frederick Fielding, Jason Liang, Andie Chen, Ezann Lee, Rebecca Lim, Bobby Tonelli

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009, 2010