First Class 我的第一班

In Achiever Secondary School, a new teacher fresh from NIE arrives for his first day of school, his mind filled with thoughts of sweet young kids who are willing to learn and altruistic dedicated teachers eager to teach. He later finds that his dream job has some nightmare moments, the kids are not so easy to lovingly nurture and the teachers he loved and respected are somewhat lacking when he has to work alongside them. Also, a group of new Secondary 1 students become friends, learning through school activities and classes about growing up and the meaning of true friendship, and sometimes even learn something academic, if they're lucky.

Cast: Max Loong, Nicholas Lee, Jade Seah, Scott C Hillyard, Hasif Nasir, Zenn Long, Shanice Nathan, Charlene Ong, Mark Zee

Episodes: 14 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009