From North Korea with Love

Episodic Information


Kang Nara. South Korea’s most famous North Korean defector cum social media influencer. Her fame has brought her benefits – she is living a high life of parties, drama shoots and commercial ad engagements.

But if she thinks she is safe from the North Korean regime, she should think again. In July 2017, Lim Ji Hyun, a prominent defector influencer disappeared without a trace in Seoul. The next time she appeared on social media was a few weeks later in North Korean propaganda videos broadcast in Pyongyang. Was she kidnapped by the North Korean regime and brought back home? What led to her disappearance? The documentary shines light on this select group of North Korean defector influencers who are carving out a name for themselves in the South.


Episode: 1 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2022