Game Plan 千方百计

This drama weaves an adrenaline-pumping plot that revolves around the art of deception – the premise of this show is founded on the three types of swindlers that exist in the world: the blue scorpions, who cheat people of their money, the red ones, who cheat of love, and the most feared black scorpions, who act as vigilantes by swindling the swindlers and returning goods to their rightful owners. Hao Ren (Christopher Lee) belongs to the last, and presumably the cleverest category – the black scorpions. Xin Tong (Jesseca Liu) and Hao Ren meet due to an unexpected turn of circumstances and the latter finds himself drawn to wanting to help the innocent Xin Tong. When Hao Tian (Shaun Chen), the good, long-lost brother to Hao Ren’s dingy persona, enters the picture, a love triangle inevitably forms. As the plot progresses at a heart thumping pace, the secrets and truths that lurked underneath eventually starts to surface, and soon they form a complete picture of Hao Ren’s mysterious background. Will Hao Ren be able to let go of the darkness in his heart? Who will Xin Tong choose to be with?

Cast: Christopher Lee, Jesseca Liu, Shaun Chen, Jacelyn Tay, Tong Bing Yu

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012