Glamourlicious 请你吃好料

“Glamourlicious” is a food show that will invite regional stars to introduce local cuisines. Other than adding that star element, it will also explore what foreigners really like about Singapore cuisines. In each episode, the invited star will be asked to share their impression of Singapore and the most memorable dish they tasted here. The programme will not only introduce the dish, but also bring the star round the island to sample the favoured dish at several locations. Chefs will be interviewed and asked to share what gives their dish that extra punch. The dishes featured include local favourites such as beef noodles, curry, steamboat and much more, which are sure to wet the viewers’ appetite. “Glamourlicious” will also introduce similar cuisines in other countries and explain the unique flavour that each country has. It will end with the star sharing their thoughts and feelings for the amazing food road trip.


Host: Regional Artistes 

Episodes: 5 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2004