Gonna Make It 小小传奇

Su Xiao Xiao (Julie Tan) has been brought up by her grandparents ever since her mother left her behind. She has a deep passion for hairdressing and soon realises that she is being exploited as an apprentice in a hair salon. Li Fei Long (Edwin Goh), a righteous gangster, stands up for her. Xiao Xiao gets embroiled with him and his rowdy gang, eventually ending up in jail. After she was released from prison, she is determined to work towards becoming a professional hair stylist. But she is continually haunted by her past in the form of Fei Long and his gang. Even though she tries very hard, Xiao Xiao struggles to reach her goal until one day she meets Man (Bryan Wong), a cancer-stricken famous hairstylist notorious for his temper. Although the pair starts out rocky, Man imparts his techniques and salon to Xiao Xiao before he passes away. Oscar (Xu Bin), who is the pampered young master of a hair salon business, attempts to take over Xiao Xiao’s salon. Tempers flare and sparks fly between the two. In the midst of all this, they fall in love. The introduction of Fei Long and Oscar’s cousin soon results in a complicated love triangle. When Xiao Xiao’s mysterious parentage unravels, things become even more convoluted!


Cast: Julie Tan, Xu Bin, Edwin Goh, Bryan Wong, Ya Hui

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013