Good Luck 百岁大吉

Lin He Xiang Niang (Hong Huifang) raised four sons and two daughters on her own. Lin Shi Jie (Terence Cao) is the son of Xiang Niang’s deceased eldest son. Shi Jie’s wife Su Xian (Kym Ng) left him. Shi Jie then moved abroad with their son, Jia Yuan( Aloysius Pang). When Jia Yuan returned to the ancestral house and witnessed how Xiang Niang’s children eyed her inheritance, he worked hand in hand with Xiang Niang to bring the family back together. The third son Lin Xiao He (Chen Shucheng) is domineering towards his family and his wife adheres to all he says. Their only daughter, Lin Shi Hui (Tong Bing Yu) performs well both in school and at work but shares a strained relationship with her father. She meets the young and promising Master’s student Liu Xuan (Romeo Tan) and they marry shortly despite her father’s disapproval. The duo soon splits after realising their mismatch, however they still habour feelings for each other. The youngest son Lin Xiao Ping is a tailor. His son Lin Shi Jun (Zhang Zhenhuan) is one who seeks to take shortcuts to success. Xiang Niang’s adopted daughter, Lin Xiao Zhen (Chen Liping) mixed with the wrong company in her teenage years and became a gambling addict. Her daughter Si Qi (Paige Chua) took over her restaurant and gave birth to a daughter after a relationship with the chef. Si Qi and her cousin Shi Jun hit off really well but Shi Jun was merely vying for her restaurant. When Shi Jun realized that he loved her genuinely, he is determined to win her back. On Xiang Niang’s 100th birthday, the children brought their respective quilts sown by Xiang Niang and pieced them together, signifying the reunion of the family.

Cast: Hong Hui Fang, Zhang Zhen Huan, Paige Chua, Terence Cao, Chen Shu ChengChen Li Ping, Tong Bing Yu, Romeo Tan , Aloysius Pang

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015