Green Footprints 绿悠游

Green Footprints is a discovery journey within and around Singapore, focusing on eco-efforts and eco-tourism destinations in different parts of the world. As the world begin to recognize the importance of protecting our environment from further destruction, more and more organizations are beginning to step up on efforts to adopt green practices that will help to preserve our existing resources and promote long-term sustainability for the future generation. Designed with a personal touch in mind, Green Footprints is a travelogue that aims to bring home-viewers on a discovery trail within and around Singapore on green initiatives and eco-friendly solutions that are specially developed to create environmental awareness, reduce ecological footprint, as well as promote sustainability. These include nature conservation projects, responsible eco-habits to reduce wastage and pollution, creative recycling methods of unwanted objects, as well as invention of alternative materials or technology that can reduce carbon footprint.


Host: Dasmond Koh (Korea), Paige Chua (Indonesia), Romeo Tan (Taiwan), Desmond Tan (Australia)

Episodes: 8 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014