Heavyweight - Japan's Female Sumo Wrestlers

At just 18, Tokyo resident Sakura Ishii emerged as one of the top female Sumo practitioners in her country. This year, she has her eyes set on global domination at the World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia.

As she faces off against competitors from across the world, she struggles to imagine a future in the sport. Japan’s powerful Sumo Association stans opposed to women being recognized as professional athletes, leaving champions like Sakura to chart their own path to success, against all odds.

In the coastal Japanese town of Tottori, young girls practice Sumo at a summer camp. Inspired by the example of Sakura and others like her, more and more Japanese girls are drawn to the sport. Blissfully unaware of the national debate that rages outside their Sumo camp, questioning whether women should be part of Japan’s oldest and most hallowed sport, these young girls are determined to be champions of the future.

Episode: 1 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2024