Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差

Episodic Information

Niu Jun Yang (Shaun Chen) and Ma Ru Yin (Rui En) are adversaries. They got into a fight and fell from a hill, only to awake and find themselves in the netherworld! 

The two foes continue their feud in the netherworld. Meanwhile, The King of Underworld (Chen Han Wei) is very impressed with their combat skills and appoints them as Grim Reapers. The bickering duo are forced to work alongside each other, but their relationship starts to improve and they eventually fall in love.

Jun Yang soon discovers that Ru Yin’s soul merely left her body temporarily, and she is not supposed to descend into the netherworld. He tries to help Ru Yin return to the mortal world but is stopped by the evil Grim Reapers Da Niu (Chen Tian Wen) and Lao Ma (Brandon Wong), who had escaped from the netherworld. Can Jun Yang stop them before they wreak more havoc and help Ru Yin’s soul return to her mortal body?

Cast: Rui En, Shaun Chen, Chen Han Wei, Ann Kok, Nick Teo, James Seah, Hong Hui Fang, Wang Yu Qing, Brandon Wong, Chen Tian Wen, Li Wen Hai

Episode: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019