Hello Hooman 我的网红汪星人

Episodic Information


Two years ago, Tao Tao adopted a dog named Pi Pi. Tao Tao dotes on his new pet dog and they become inseparable. As he grows up, he also starts to neglect Pi Pi. A chance phenomenon results in a body swap between Pi Pi and a boy named Kai Wen. As Kai Wen is now able to communicate with dogs, he instantly becomes popular as a dog whisperer. Pi Pi leads a happy life as a child with his best friend Tao Tao, but fears that one day, he will lose everything when he turns back into a dog.

Awards and Accolades: 

2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners -

Best Children’s Programme (One off/Series)

Episodes: 13 x 30 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2022