Hello Miss Driver 下一站,遇见

Episodic Information

24 year-old Lin Chen Xi (Carrie Wong) has decided to migrate with her fiancé when her father suddenly passed away, leaving behind a debt-ridden private bus company. She also discovers that her father has another family. She takes over her late father’s company and while she is busy turning it around, her half-sister Yu Lin (Denise Camillia Tan) steals her fiancé and migrated with him instead.

Chen Xi eventually meets and marries Fang Wen Liang (Elvin Ng), who is the young boss of another private bus company. But he passes away within months of their marriage, leaving behind one minibus for Chen Xi. With perseverance and grit, Chen Xi strives to succeed in the male-dominated transport industry. Wen Liang’s assistant, Zhao Yi Yang (Xu Bin) decides to help her rebuild the company. Making things difficult for her at first, Chen Xi’s sheer determination and her will to overcome all of life’s obstacles touches him. When he decides that he wants to face the future together with Chen Xi, she rejects him…

Episode: 20 x 60 minutes

Cast: Carrie Wong, Elvin Ng, Xu Bin, Denise Camillia Tan, Ian Fang, Chen Li Ping, Aileen Tan, Pan Ling Ling, Chen Shucheng

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019