Home Again 多年后的全家福

Episodic Information


A traditional vegetable farm is trying to keep up with times but is fraught with familial issues when a once missing son and a long-lost daughter started working there. Can the farm and the families overcome the adversities?

Foo Kooi and Poh Chin operate a traditional vegetable farm named “Hao An Xin”, with the hope that everyone will be able to eat fresh and safely. But the farm is not catching up with times, until Foo Kooi’s once missing son Ah Lung returned and convinced them to make use of hydroponics for their farm. But soon, it is discovered that Ah Lung is not who he claimed to be, what ulterior motives does he hide? Through a DNA test, Poh Chin’s son Feng Shou found out that he had a daughter Mia who also works at the farm. But Mia is angry thinking that Feng Shou had abandon her and refuses to acknowledge him. The farm is fraught with problems during the transition, was it Ah Lung or Mia who is creating troubles at the farm? Can the two families resolve their own issues and turn it into a successful high-tech urban vertical farm?


Awards and Accolades: 

Seoul Webfest 2022 -

Best screenplay (Nominated)

Best drama (Nominated)

Cast: Pierre Png, Ya Hui, Desmond Tan, Kiki Lim, Edwin Goh, Richard Low, Lina Ng, Zheng Wan Ling, Priscelia Chan, Wang Yu Qing, Hong Guo Rui, Juin Teh, Dennis Chew

Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2021