Home Truly 回家

Episodic Information

Su Sheng Quan (Li Wen Hai) and his son Su Dong Bo (Zhang Zheng Huan) runs their own fish farm. Dong Bo falls in love with employee Zheng Pei Zhi (Hong Ling) at first sight, but Pei Zhi does not feel the same for him. Pei Zhi suspects that the fish farm is haunted, but realizes the “ghost” is none other than Hong Jian Feng (Pierre Png). Jian Feng was released from prison and tried to search for his family but failed. Pei Zhi falls in love with Jian Feng, but the latter feels nothing for her.

Hong Jing En (Mei Xin) is sentenced to prison for theft and sends her 12-year-old son to stay with Bao Wei Bin (Cavin Soh). Wei Bin wants a child badly, Jing En offers to carry his child, but the former does not want to betray his wife Bi Qi Lin (Adele Wong). Sheng Quan is an optimist and is active in community service for lonely elderlies. Hong Shan (Chen Shu Cheng) is temperamental and often quarrels with his neighbours. Sheng Quan and Lian Jie (Hong Hui Fang) try to help Hong Shan and change him. With Lian Jie’s help, Hong Shan finally reunites with his long-lost children, Jing En and Jian Feng.


Cast: Zhang Zhen Huan, Pierre Png, Hong Ling

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017