Hong Baos and Kisses 元宵遇财神

Xavier Ong is a sweet-talking gym instructor who never fails to impress ladies with his flowery words. On every Chinese New Year, this business-minded young man will visit random houses and use his charm to collect Angbaos.This year, he aims to get more money as he was hounded by the loansharks after owing them a huge sum of money. Ping comes from a wealthy family that has a business selling traditional Chinese cake. She is in a dilemma too as she desperately wants to get the inheritance from her rich grandmother so that she can move out with her European boyfriend. However, the condition is that she has to get a Chinese boyfriend before the age of 30. Her European boyfriend definitely did not make the cut. One day, Ping has a bright idea as she approaches Xavier and proposes that he be her fake boyfriend. The duo will eventually develop genuine feelings for each other as the story progresses. Desperate for money, will they ever get the inheritance they dream of? 

Cast: Felicia Chin, Joshua Tan

Episodes: 1 x 90 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014