House Of Fortune 钱来运转

Qian Ren Jie (Thomas Ong) and Luo Shu Ping (Tong Bing Yu) decide to sell their HDB flat and upgrade into a Condominium. However, the upgrade comes with a hefty price and the couple has no savings. Ren Jie’s sister, Qian Mei Ling (Kym Ng), loves to purchase things on instalments. Her husband, Wu Guo Lun (Yao Wen Long), is a spendthrift who is burdened with expensive car instalments. At work, Ren Jie is being oppressed by his superior and he resigns in a huff. Meanwhile, Shu Ping’s tactless nature gets the better of her and she soon finds herself under-performing at work. Guo Lun decides to pursue his dreams as a lyricist and quits his job. He spends a lot of effort on his song writing but the response is underwhelming. To fulfil his dream, Guo Lun sells off his house for cash to start a music studio. Unfortunately, his partner fled with the money. Mei Ling hears that she has a relative who owns a bungalow. He is a senile old man called Qian Lao Shi (Zhu Hou Ren) .Thinking that this relative can save her from her financial woes, Mei Ling and her family moves into Lao Shi’s house while pretending to care for Lao Shi. Shu Ping hears of this and encourages Ren Jie to move in as well, so that they can rent out their apartment to pay off the mortgage. Instead of helping his “poor” relatives, Lao Shi turns their lives upside down. Can they eventually overcome their misfortunes?


Cast: Thomas Ong, Tong Bing Yu, Kym Ng, Yao Wen Long, Zhu Hou Ren, Ya Hui, Sora Ma, Bonnie Loo, Shane Pow, Xiang Yun

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016