I Do, Do I? 嫁給不同世界的你

I Do, Do I? 嫁給不同世界的你

Danni & Yumi run a photography café. Yumi has a long-distance relationship with an Italian with marriage plan this year. Yumi’s cousin Johan, surprises everyone by marrying a Thai woman named Fon. Korean daughter-in-law Yihua meets Danni and Yumi through business. Danni helps when the international couples face problem, but unexpectedly, her son gets involved in one of the couples’ relationship.

Three transnational couples who cross land and sea before ending up together; two worlds whose collision unites yet tears them apart—will these three couples choose to endure or will they choose to end it all?

Casts: Felicia Chin, Ferlyn Wong, Panitsara Yang, Zong Zijie, Tyler Ten, Jason Godfrey, Cynthia Koh, Kevin Tan, Aileen Tan, Marcus Chin, Juin Teh, Herman Keh, Pierre Png, Kayly

Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023