I’m In Charge 小子当家

Despite being the eldest in the family, Jia Hao’s (Aloysius Pang) behaviour is that of a spoilt child sporting a rebellious streak that makes life even harder for his ill-fated mother, who has to single-handedly raise a family of three by taking up two jobs. The series highlights the pains of a single mother, and the incredible love that she has for her family. When she is hospitalised, Jia Hao has no choice but to take over all her responsibilities – from carrying out basic housekeeping chores to taking care of his siblings’ well-being – with the help of a bungling but kind aunt, Xiao Hui (Sheila Sim), and a just-released-from-jail maternal uncle, Ah Wei (Elvin Ng).


Cast: Elvin Ng, Sheila Sim, Aloysius Pang

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013