I Not Stupid 小孩不笨

The 18-parter sitcom revolves around the story of 3 EM3 students and the different societal and peer pressures they face in school and at home. Though the storyline is the same as the movie, viewers can look forward to a more in-depth plot and new sub plots and gags to bring on the laughs. As EM3 students, Guo Bin (Shawn Lee), Wen Fu (Joshua Ang) and Terry (Huang Poru) are often looked upon as a 'foregone case' by their relatives, friends and even teachers. The elfin looking Guo Bin loves doodling in art but his mother (played by Xiang Yun) sees his artistic streak more of a distraction than a talent. She pressures her not-so-academically-inclined son, not knowing that she could be pushing him beyond his limits. A typical 'mummy's boy', Terry is born with a silver spoon and hence relies more on his maid and family to do things for him. As a result, he leads a sheltered life and develops a selfish attitude towards others. The streetwise Wen Fu helps put at his mother's stall and baby-sits his kid brother after school. Though taunted by relatives, Wen Fu decides to work hard after encouragement from his new form teacher. His efforts pay off and he does remarkably well in the exams. Terry's father, the boss of a bak gua (barbecued pork) factory, seeks help from a advertising firm in the face of threats from a rival company. Guo Bin's father, who had earlier squabbled with Terry's father, coincidentally is the advertising firm which is pitching for the contract from Terry's father. The ba gua boss makes things difficult for Guo Bin's father. Meanwhile, Guo Bin's results fall short of expectations and he decides to take his life for disappointing his mother. The police arrives in time to foil his foolish plans and in a fit of anger, his mother passes out. At the hospital, she is diagnosed with leukaemia. To make matters worse, Guo Bin's father loses his job. The lives of the 3 boys and their families cross when Terry is kidnapped along with Wen Fu. Guo Bin who witnessed the kidnap picks up his pencil and paper to sketch the kidnappers' features. Can his drawings rescue his friends? And can his mother, whose life depends on a suitable marrow donor, receive the much-needed miracle?


Cast: Jack Neo, Richard Low, Xiang Yun, Selena Tan, Shawn Lee, Huang Po Ju, Joshua Ang

Episodes: 18 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2002