Ingenuity Engineering Ground Breaker 杰作-建筑新突破

Episodic Information

Asia is currently witnessing a feverish pace to build, build, and build. Each country is trying to outbuild each other to the tallest building in the world. First it was the Petronas Towers, then it was the Shanghai Financial Centre, followed by Taipei 101, and now it is the Burj Dubai. Mega construction projects may seem like a new phenomena in current climate. However, such practices are nothing new in Asia, as the continent has been home to many mega projects from centuries past, inspiring similar construction in other parts of the world. Ingenuity - Engineering Ground Breakers looks at the engineering marvels currently being undertaken in Asia, and juxtaposed against an archetypal giant from the past.


Episodes: 8 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009