Television series “Interns” tells the story of Sarah Yusoff, who has just graduated from fashion school. She eventually secures an internship stint in fashion design company called “Roxanne’s Vintages”. Being a shy girl by nature, she has to adapt herself to the company’s environment and proves her worth to her colleagues who are elites in this field. Her lifelong dream is to become a fashion designer and she hopes to support her aging parents. Throughout the series, Sarah grows in confidence and matures in the series. The drama series aims to encourage viewers to always be true to themselves and only then they can survive in this ever-changing world.

Cast: Lydia Asyikin, Sheiryn Aisiqa, Aaron Khalid, Sharon Ismail, Sophie Navita, Erwin Shah Ismail, Adrian Jalaludin, Nadia Bodestyne

Episodes: 8 x 60 mins

Languages: Malay

Production year: 2016