It’s a Wonderful Life 好运到

Amy (Lin Mei Jiao) married Hao Hui Xian (Xia Yu) who not only is selfish but also loves gambling. They both had a son each before their marriage, Hao Fu Qi (Desmond Tan) and Gu Zhi Yi (Elvin Ng). Amy was unhappy with Hui Xian’s gambling habits and decides to leave him. Unfortunately, Amy was assaulted when she left and lost her memory. On the other hand, Fu Qi and Jing Yi (Zhou Ying) were deeply in love but separated by distance. She decided to sacrifice her happiness and attend to her sister, Jing Fen, who was suffering from cancer. Meanwhile, refusing to resign to fate, Fu Qi ruins his glamorous singing career to show his persistent love for Jing Yi. Hui Xian’s niece, Ping An (Julie Tan), fell in love with Zhi Yi. Hui Xian strongly opposes as their relationship is complicated. Fan Wen Xiang (Chen Li Ping) and Li Yun Shun (Huang Wen Yong) wants to move in with their son, Li Si Yuan (Zen Chong), but his wife, Isabelle’s (Paige Chua) mum, Elizabeth also wants to move in too. Wen Xiang is deeply traditional and she is unhappy that Elizabeth is moving in. Thus, the frequent disagreements between both ladies bring about Isabelle’s depression. Wen Xiang finds out that his husband had a fling and chased him out of the house. He is despised by their neighbours. Their son, Si Yuan is always busy with his successful tuition centre and realized his negligence of the family when his son signs up for his lesson hoping to talk to him. It takes years to build up a home; any wrong doings might just ruin it. Will things finally turns for the better for them?


Cast: Ha Yu, Chen Li Ping, Elvin Ng, Julie Tan, Huang Wen Yong, Lin Mei Jiao, Zen Chong, Paige Chua, Dennis Chew, Brandon Wong, Zhou Ying, Desmond Tan, Sora Ma, Adeline Lim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013