It Takes Two 对对碰

This drama series is entertaining in the way it lightly touches on issues that plague the heartlanders of Singapore as it takes viewers into the lives of two hawkers selling fishball noodles in a food centre. You Cai (Yao Wen Long), an honest man whose name translates to wealth, experiences bad business and lives with a wife that constantly bullies his 70 year-old mother; on the other hand, Wu Yin (Chen Han Wei) rakes in the profits on his fishball noodles, providing a luxurious life for his ageing father and his virtuous wife. Things take a dramatic twist when their luck suddenly exchanges places. What is Wu Yin capable of to regain his fortune? Will good eventually triumph over evil? This heartwarming plot reflects the hardship that ordinary folks face from rising costs of living, the impact an ageing population has on society and the indulgent mood of the younger generation, among many other current issues that plague the modern society every day.


Cast: Yao Wen Long, Chen Han Wei, Zheng Ge Ping, Kym Ng, Chen Hui Hui, Ann Kok, Tracy Lee, Romeo Tan, Shane Pow, Aloysius Pang 

Episodes: 34 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012