Jobs Around The World 走遍天涯打工乐

Join entertainment’s golden pair, Bryan Wong and Kym Ng, as they take you out of your comfort zone, to discover the jobs offered in various countries that cannot be found in Singapore. In this 13-episode show, each host will feature one job per 30 minutes episode, highlighting the challenges and perks of the job, while also introducing the country’s culture and beliefs. Our hosts’ travel itinerary not only covers Asian countries, such as Japan, India and Laos, but moves into other far flung parts of the world like Turkey, Italy and Argentina. This show lets you hear what a hot air balloon operator has to say about his job, or a penguin keeper’s hopes for his future. If you are big on culture and believe in travelling as an education, then this is your show. Viewers are encouraged to share with us a unique job that you have encountered in other countries – join us by tweeting at our official website. In our final episode, the best entry will be selected, and the Winner will stand to win a pair of return air tickets to Japan. Tune in now!

Awards and Accolades:

2013 Asian Television Awards

Best Entertainment Host 


Host: Bryan Wong, Kym Ng

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012