Junction Tree 家在大树下

Junction Tree is a new preschool bilingual series targeted at pre - schoolers who come from a predominantly English - speaking home environment.The show is set in a hyper - real park where characters live inside a magical big tree house together with other tree communities.The Junction Tree community comprises of Kucinta, the cat - puppet, Moomba, the cub lion, Beary - Big, the resident storyteller, as well as Mr Clean, Granny Gwen, Cheery, and parrot pals Kiri and Kanan. New characters will enter their world, both from the Tree Communities as well as the Real Human World, thereby creating richness and creativity to the storylines.The programme will centre on their individual stories, experiences and self - discoveries that pre - schoolers can identify with which include making new friends, first day at preschool, the importance of being punctual, and being respectful to others. The overarching theme of “recycling” forms the backbone of the series.27 original songs were also composed by Riduan Yusoff, who is the mentee of the late Iskandar Mirza Ismai.

Episodes: 26 x 30 mins 

Languages: Chinese, English

Production year: 2017