Just Go Shanghai 就是爱旅行–上海版

Riding on the success of its predecessors, the well-acclaimed travelogue, Just Go! returns with a ‘Shanghai’ special season this summer! Co-produced by Shanghai and Singapore, Just Go Shanghai continues to feature different customs and cultures in a light hearted and entertaining fashion.In this season, host Taiwanese host Luo Yao will be paired with Singapore heartthrob, Dai Xiang Yu, where their onscreen chemistry is sure to attract young adults and travel-enthusiastic. The duo will provide insights into the people and culture, shopping, entertainment and authentic food at various commercial zones in Shanghai only, which differ from other travelogues where the areas introduced may be dispersed.


Host: Luo Yao, Dai Xiang Yu

Episodes: 7 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013