Kidnapped 绑架

Xiaojie is kidnapped!

Ellie anxiously calls the police, hoping to be reunuited with her son. Detective Lee pursues the case, kickstarting an islandwide child hunt. 2 suspects emerge in the investigation. Anya, a woman recently released from jail, and a loan shark Ah Zheng. To everyone’s surprise, Anya claims to be Xiaojie’s mother!

Why would Anya kidnap her own son? Ah Zheng was fleeing from the police, hijacking Anya’s car amidst the chaos by mistake, accidentally becoming a kidnapper. Anya tracks Ah Zheng down, demanding for Xiaojie’s return. But Xiaojie doesn’t recognise Anya as her mother. What is the truth behind this kidnapping case?

Cast: Maia Lee, Debbie Goh, Bunz, Allan Wu

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020