King of Culinary 2 三把刀 2

Episodic Information


<King of Culinary> is back by popular demand!

This cooking competition in arena style has uncovered 26 hidden culinary talents in season 1. They were pitted against top local chefs for a total of 34 rounds. These talents could be teachers, engineers, sales expert with a day job, but when they get home, they turn into highly-skilled chefs in their own kitchen.

In this new series, the “3 knives” remains. However they each bring along a disciple this time round and challenger has to defeat the disciple before moving forward to beat the master in order to win his first knife. This also means the difficulty in seizing the knives is heightened as challenger has to go through 4 rounds in order to win a complete set of 3 knives. 

The contestants' difficulty is heightened in this brand new season, as they have to deal with the highly-skilled hidden culinary talents and the possible challenges set. Who will seize those knives from our renowned chefs?

Stay tune to <King of Culinary> (Season 2)!

Host: Cavin Soh

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020