Let’s Do It Together 大家一起来!

Episodic Information


Unity is power! As the old saying goes, two is better than one. What a group of people is able to do surpasses one’s ability and capability.

Let’s Do It Together will showcase 10 traits of a community, where each trait will be elaborated in one episode. In a total of 10 episodes, we will investigate the traits of 10 communities across 10 different countries. We will go deep into the communities and look into the different activities to explore what remained unchanged as each community continues to bring their people together. It's the community spirit that we are looking for that are missing in our society today, and we want to bring it back again! So let’s do it together!

Hosts: Allan Wu and Janet Hsieh

Episodes: 10 x 30 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020