Let It Go 分手快乐

Yan Neo (Jeanette Aw) is a well-known blogger who writes about her past relationships.Not only does she detail her failed relationships, she does not mind publicly shaming her exes. She lives with her roommate, Man (Cavin Soh), who is a Make-Up artist, and her best friend, Du Jia Yi (Mindee Ong). Jia Yi breaks up with her boyfriend after finding out he is cheating on her. However Jia Yi still harbors hope, so Ah Man recommends Mark Chow (Elvin Ng), a freelance photographer to Yan for help in gathering evidences.Mark misunderstands Yan’s well intentions for Jia Yi. Both of them have conflicting views over how one should move on happily. As time goes by, Mark sees the good in Yan and understands Yan’s beliefs. Over time, the two of them develop feelings for each other. Yan does not believe in true love and will never whole-heartedly commit herself in a relationship. In all her relationships, Yan is always the one who initiates break-ups. However, Yan has fallen in love with Mark and wants to break free from him. Can Yan finally let go of her skepticisms and embrace a happier self?

Cast: Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Cavin Soh, Mindee Ong, Allen Chen

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015