Life Under Siege

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As the war in Ukraine upends lives, thousands have stepped into critical roles. A CEO takes on the dangerous mission of driving aid into a city that’s bombed every day. A Kyiv resident figures out how to keep frontline defenders fed in wartime conditions. A Polish architect crosses into the war zone to rescue stranded civilians. They are part of a new force to be reckoned with, as thousands of Ukrainians step away from their homes and jobs, to keep the country running as Russia attacks. These are their stories of navigating Life Under Siege.

Awards and Accolades: 

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2023 -

Human Rights (Finalist)

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2023 -

Documentaries: Human Rights (Gold)

Episode: 1 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2022