Live Your Dreams 大大的梦想

Episodic Information


Eight young and aspiring talents work towards fulfilling their dream and debuting as a girl band - Dada Dream. Can they overcome the many challenges they face and debut as planned, or will they give up and disband the group?

A mysterious businessman decides to form a girl group called "Dada Dream". After two rounds of auditions, eight potential candidates were chosen as trainees. Si Tong, Jing Chen, Hui Ting and Yi An are four of the lucky ones. When Dada Dream was about to debut, Si Tong found out that the mysterious boss, Wei Cheng, is her biological father. While Si Tong is still recovering from the news of her biological father, she was faced with another setback, she injured her leg in her bid to save Jing Chen from an accident. It turns out that everything was planned by a jealous Hui Ting. While Emma also withdrew from the band due to her cancer relapse.

"Dada Dream" now faces an imminent disbandment. Can they debut as planned and participate in their dream music contest? Will these young aspiring singers get to fulfil their dreams and showcase their talent to the world?

Cast: Sheila Sim, Qi Yuwu, Chantalle Ng, Tasha Low, Richie Koh, Glenn Yong, Zhang Yao Dong, Ferlyn G, Elizabeth Lee, Kimberly Chia, Kiki Lim, Xin Lin, Cheris Lee, Jarrell Huang

Episodes: 16 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2021