Lost And Found 小孩 • 狗

Newly-wedded Zhi Xuan (Jesseca Liu) sinks into a deep depression after the sudden loss of her husband in a freak accident. Neither does consolation nor advice of her family and friends could help her walk out of this misery.

One fine day, as Zhi Xuan takes a walk in the park, she sees a dog - Gou Gou desperately looking for its master. Having lived life aimlessly since the death of her husband, Zhi Xuan decides to help the dog find its master as a mission she needs to complete. However, she got conned into giving Gou Gou away to a stranger, Hao Tian (James Wen). With the actual owner of the dog hot on her heels, she frantically looks for con-man Hao Tian in hopes of finding Gou Gou safe and sound. When she finally finds Hao Tian and is about to report him to the police, Zhi Xuan realizes that Hao Tian's son, Bin Bin (Xiao Xiao Bin), has already built a close bond with Gou Gou. Sharing the same fate of losing a lost love, Zhi Xuan cannot bear the sight of a motherless child sobbing. She decides to spend more time with Bin Bin while plotting to take Gou Gou away slowly.

Gradually, she finds herself building a deep bond with Bin Bin, and unknowing to her feelings; she has also fallen in love with Hao Tian. Feeling blissful again, will Zhi Xuan keep her promise and return Gou Gou to its owner, or will she choose to keep this happy moment forever?

Cast: Jesseca Liu, James Wen

Episodes: 1 x 90 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013