Love Concierge 爱的掌门人

Ru Yi (Jacelyn Tay) is a pretty-faced and muddle-headed wedding planner who gives her best to create the perfect fairy-tale weddings for her clients. But when it comes to her own affairs of the heart, she is absolutely clueless. Little does she know that Lance (Alex To), the cool photographer that she often quibbles with, is besotted with her. Neither is she aware that Jie Kuan (Thomas Ong), the cute graduate she secretly likes, is not a lowly hotel staff but the scion of a hotelier family! She is also oblivious that her TV starlet sister (Ann Kok) is plotting to steal Jie Kuan away from her. And that her mother (Nancy Sit) is developing a romantic relationship with the nasty neighbour next door... But as things happen, the muddle-headed but kind-hearted have divine fates. And this certainly holds true as a heavenly wedding awaits the angelic wedding planner!

Cast: Nancy Sit, Jacelyn Tay, Alex To, Thomas Ong, Ann Kok

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2005