Love Thy Neighbour 四个门牌一个梦

Ye Meng (Shaun Chen) leaves Malaysia with his girlfriend to take up a job in Singapore, only to lose her shortly after. He meets Da Fa (Har Yu) and his daughter Tian Hu (Felicia Chin), both claim to be fortune-tellers but in actual fact are conmen. Ye Meng moves in with them and meets their quirky neighbours. Xian He (Kong Xiang De) and his family came to Singapore to start a new life and moved into the apartment next to Guo Zhong (Huang Wen Yong), but they are finding it hard to fit into the new culture and also making ends’ meet. For the sake of their daughter, Xian He refuses to return to China and insists on staying put. Guo Zhong not only does not get along with Xian He, he is also at loggerheads with Michael, a new immigrant who speaks fluent Mandarin. As luck will have it, Guo Zhong’s daughter Pei Jun (Sora Ma), who just returned from overseas falls in love with Michael, further angering Guo Zhong. To add woes to his troubles, Guo Zhong’s son and daughter-in-law, De Liang (Cavin Soh) and Angelina (Ng Hui), moved in with him after they sold off their apartment for a profit.


Cast: Ha Yu, Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Huang Wen Yong, Lin Mei Jiao, Cavin Soh, Ng Hui, Vivian Lai, Aileen Tan, Sora Ma, Hong Hui Fang, Rebecca Lim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011