Makansutra Raw 原汁原味

This is no typical food show, it is "un-planned, un-scripted, un-announced and Raw". There will be no pandering to anyone. This is a show by the food lovers, for the food lovers, and honesty is the order of the day. If the food is good, food guru and host KF Seetoh will compliment it. If it isn't, you can be sure he will tell you so. In each episode, the host will spring a surprise visit on 5 eateries and give a frank opinion on what is good. While food-tasting, he will also offer interesting nuggets of information about the stall or stallholder. With honest food review and bundles of juicy gossips, Makansutra Raw is bound to get viewers hungry for more.


Host: KF Seetoh

Episodes: 16 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2007