Making Miracles 奇迹

Shuyan (Fann Wong) is an optimistic and passionate pediatrician who met with a traffic accident and is disfigured in the process. The accident is caused by plastic surgeon Jieren’s (Terence Cao) jealous ex-girlfriend Zhilin (Lynn Poh), he then puts his heart and soul in treating Shuyan but was unsuccessful. Dejected, Shuyan contemplates giving up but was consoled patiently by Jieren, who persuaded her to continue with the treatment. At the same time, Shuyan’s boyfriend Zhengbang (Darren Lim), who works in the same hospital was injured in a struggle and lost his memory of Shuyan and his love for her. She now faces the adversity of her own disfigured self and a seemingly nonchalant Zhengbang, at the same time struggles with her feelings for the affectionate Jieren. A compelling modern drama set in a hospital with several heartwarming subplots to tug the heartstrings.

Cast: Fann Wong, Darren Lim, Terence Cao, Joanne Peh, Constance Song, Zheng Ge Ping, Vivian Lai, Carole Lin, Shaun Chen, Lynn Poh, Jiang Dawei

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2007