Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng 陆小凤

Taiwanese heartthrob, Jimmy Lin stars as the famous Lu Xiao Feng who’s on his way to uncover the secret of the hidden gold of Jin Pen. Lu is determined to solve the murder mystery when his friend, Zhu Ting is murdered. Unknown to Lu, Ye Gu Cheng is the surviving official of the submerged Kingdom – Jin Peng and he plans to assassinate the Emperor by participating in the contest for the God of swords title and will stop at nothing to achieve his plans. 

Cast: Jimmy Lin, Christopher Lee, Thomas Ong, Tao Hong, Fang Ji Wei, Teresa Lee, Mok Siu Chung, Wu Xing Guo, Constance Song, John Chiang

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2001