Mata Mata 2: A New Era 女警先锋2:一个新时代

Mata Mata: A New Era is the second installment of the trilogy and will explore post-independent Singapore in the 1970s; a time where the nation saw great transformation and change. In the new series of Mata Mata, the story picks up from where Season 1 ended. Set in post-independent Singapore in the 1970s, the drama centres around two sisters who were separated after their parents’ brutal deaths and reunited 15 years later. Younger sister Margaret (Rebecca Lim) was kidnapped when she was 5 years old. She was eventually adopted by a domestic servant and grows up to join the police force as a female constable. Margaret will eventually find her long lost sister, Helen (Priscelia Chan), but as the plot unfolds, she will have to choose between justice and kinship.


Cast: Pierre Png, Rebecca Lim, Priscelia Chan , Pan Ling Ling , Cavin Soh, Divian Nair, Daren Tan

Episodes: 18 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2014