Mind Matters 心。情

Episodic Information

Five years ago, Zhuo Jin Shu (Qi Yu Wu) was a shining star in the field of psychology. Sought after by the media and rich clients, he basked in his own glory and neglected his girlfriend Song Jie Fang (Sora Ma). Jin Shu is not aware that Jie Fang suffers from delusional jealousy, she died when she jumped down the building pulling Jin Shu with her. Jin Shu survived the fall but was guilt-stricken that he did not discover Jie Fang’s illness. He disappeared from the medical world and was never heard of again.

Five years later, Jin Shu appeared in a quiet neighbourhood working as a plumber. He rented a small room from landlord Qin Xiu Xiu (Jesseca Liu) and no one knew his past. As Jin Shu gets to know his neighbours better, he discovers that they suffer from psychological problems, including Xiu Xiu. Unable to look the other way, he starts helping them. But his ex-patient, Lu Hai Ning (Teresa Tseng) found his hiding place, her appearance starts to complicate matters…

Cast: Qi Yu Wu, Jesseca Liu, Sora Ma,Teresa Tseng

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018