Mining Magnate 半边天

Chaos ensues in the Zhu household after the death of its patriarch Hong Ye and his eldest son Xi Tian. Hong Ye’s pregnant mistress Yao Li appeared to gain a foothold in the household, and the former’s wife Xing Yu withdraws into her own world, unable to take the betrayal. But as Yao Li conspired with outsiders to take over the business, Xing Yu realizes she has to act fast to save her husband’s mining empire. She enlists the help of her eldest daughter-in-law Luo Lin and Jie Ying, the potential wife of second son Xi Guang. Together the three women regain control of the company, and Xing Yu begins her transformation from a housewife to a business magnate. However, it is not smooth-sailing for the three women as the past catches up with Jie Ying and Luo Lin finds a new love….

Cast: Debbie Goh, Frederick Lee, Tong Bing Yu, Josh Lai, Lu Ai Qiong

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012