Mrs P.I. 查某人

An ex-policewoman and 2 housewives living in the same neighbourhood suspect their neighbour’s suicide is more than meets the eye. Their curiosity gets the better of them and together they solve the murder case. The three of them, Dai Xiu Mei (Michelle Chong), Yun Fei Xue (Cynthia Koh) and Qiu Shuang Xi (Apple Hong) decide to start a private investigative agency to serve the neighbourhood. Together, they solve extra-marital affairs, maid abuse and even missing person cases. They also roped in Fei Xue’s tenant, an IT expert Gao Xiang (Zhang Zhen Huan), to help. As the agency’s business grows, their family life takes a toll. How will these housewives juggle work and family?Gao Xiang discovers Shuang Xi’s husband having an affair and tries to warn her. But Shuang Xi and her husband became suspects after the latter’s mistress was murdered. Will the team be able to solve the murder and clear Shuang Xi’s name?


Cast: Michelle Chong, Cynthia Koh, Apple Hong, Zheng Ge Ping, Yao Wen LongZhang Zhen Huan

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2010