My One In A Million 我的万里挑一

Episodic Information

Yan Shu Yu (Carrie Wong) is a modern day matchmaker who inherited the family business of matchmaking. Unlike her clairvoyant aunt, Shu Yu lacks the talent but still manages to make a name for herself online as “Lunar” the matchmaker.

TV Producer Kent (Jeffrey Xu) saw the potential in Shu Yu and invites her and her boyfriend Herman to participate in his matchmaking TV show, The Destined One. Just before recording, Shu Yu knocks her head and faints. When she awakes, she sees a red thread between Herman and another female contestant. The next day, she learns that Herman has proposed to the female contestant. Like her aunt, Shu Yu has developed the ability to see a match made in heaven. But there’s a curse, she will remain single for the rest of her life!

She learned that she can break the curse if she is able to match-make a jinxed person. She finds a jinx in Ding Yi (Lawrence Wong), who can’t find a girlfriend because of his strong body odour. Determined to change her own destiny, Shu Yu gives her all to help Ding Yi find the right one, with much hilarity. But as fate will have it, they find themselves falling in love. What will become of these two cursed and jinxed lovers?

The Destined One, a matchmaking reality show within the drama, is available as a 7-episode variety programme of the same title.

Cast: Lawrence Wong, Carrie Wong, Jeffrey Xu, Jasmine Sim, Michelle Wong, Gavin Teo, Xiang Yun, Li Wen Hai, James Seah, Chen Yixi, Mei Xin, Priscilla Lim

Episode: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019