My Teacher Is A Thug 爱不迟疑

Episodic Information

Jia Tianxiong (Li Nan Xing) is a down-and-out ex-actor heavily in debt. To get out of his predicament, he makes a pact with the boss of a movie company to infiltrate SCP Talent Training Centre as a martial arts and acting trainer. His mission is to investigate the whereabouts of Principal Lian Jiaxuan’s (Phyllis Quek) brother.Used to a carefree bachelor life, Tianxiong initially created havoc in the school with his unconventional ways. He soon makes the shocking discovery that his fellow teacher, Zeng Kaixin (Bonnie Loo) is his daughter! Working alongside Kaixin and Jiaxuan eventually changes him, and together they help solve the family issues of the children they teach. But the past catches up with him as Kaixin and Jiaxuan discover his true intention for joining the school, will they forgive him?

Cast: Li Nan Xing, Bonnie Loo, Phyllis Quek

Episodes: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017