Mystic Whispers 听

A year after Mo Xiaoyun met with an accident, her left ear starts to hear mysterious sounds: screaming, whispering, singing, moaning, running and sobbing. Initially, Xiaoyun brushed them aside as merely environmental sounds. However, she gradually finds it spooky. To spare her family any trouble, Xiaoyun moves into the old house given to her by her grandmother. She resorts to ways and means to put an end to the sounds, for example, by turning on the volume of the TV and radio to the maximum, putting on earplugs whenever she leaves the house, and wearing bracelets that tinkle. This is to make sure that she will never be quietly alone but always surrounded by noise. All appear calm. But this changes when Xiaoyun meets Zhang Ji’en. Ji’en pesters Xiaoyun to make full use of her gift to go “ghost-hunting” with him! Under Ji’en’s constant harassment, Xiaoyun is finally persuaded to be his sidekick. With help from Ji’en’s special “equipment”, Xiaoyun is finally able to make out what the ghosts around her are “saying”. Xiaoyun and Ji’en become partners in a series of ghost hunting adventures...

Cast: Romeo Tan, Sheila Sim

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014