No Limits 泳闯琴关

You Yong Xin (Felicia Chin) is an avid swimmer trying to make the national swimming team. Yong Xin’s father You Shan (Wang Yu Qing) was a national swimmer but he became a changed man after his wife walked out of the family. Fortunately, You Shan’s former teammate, Ying Qiong (Chen Tian Wen), takes Yong Xin under his wing to groom her. Yong Xin idolizes Yao Yang (Elvin Ng), Ying Qiong’s son, who is a sailing coach. Wang Yu Le (Dai Yang Tian) and his mother are new neighbours of Yong Xin, the former is an accomplished cellist. Yong Xin is enchanted by Yu Le’s music and soon learns the sad truth about his family background. The swimming team has a new member, Fei (Tracy Lee), who immediately becomes a fierce competitor to Yong Xin. Fei’s mother, Yvonne (Pan Ling Ling), who is also Yong Xin’s mother, returns to Singapore, but other than acknowledging her long-lost daughter, she has other plans in mind. Yu Le suffers many setbacks and turns to working in a music lounge to earn a living, Meanwhile, Yong Xin discovers that Yao Yang is two-timing Fei and herself. Will both of them find solace in each other and pull each other out of the doldrums? Will they rediscover their passion and work towards their dreams?


Cast: Dai Xiang Yu, Elvin Ng, Felicia Chin, Tracy Lee, Yuan Shuai, Rebecca Lim, Lin Mei Jiao, Pan Ling Ling, Chen Tian Wen, Wang Yu Qing, Li Wen Hai

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2010